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Fernando Salcedo



Many Years ago, my engineering career mentor mentioned to me that it will be great if all of the building engineers come and work as a network. Right after that, I started thinkning of forming a local #1 chief engineers association. Where all us will be one to help each other, support, train socialize, learn from each other, be friends and most important to share our knowledge, in other word, To be stronger.

I undestand that will take time to get where we want to be, but we started, and is a plus.

The limitation of our dreams is the sky.

God Bless All of us.


Zack Comor

Vice President


Hello, my name is Zack Comor. I have been a Chief Engineer for over 25 years and an instructor at the SEIU Local 1 Training Center for 7 years. Both of these positions have allowed me to meet many wonderful people and do a lot of good that's why I am so privileged to be the Vice President of an organization that, I believe, can do so much good for its fellow members and others! I have many hopes for the Local 1 Chief Engineers Association and I believe with a well connected network of all the Local 1 Chief Engineers and Assistant Engineers we will progress professionally.


Jay Flores



Welcome brothers and sisters of the Local 1 Chief Engineer’s Association. As a child, I always battled the need of my father having me to help him do many repairs and maintenance throughout the house, the car, etc., as you may understand, a child would only want to play and be with their friends. However, thanks to that, I became who I am today. I’m a very dedicated resource at what we all call “our building”. I’ve strived throughout the years working from being a class Helper C on portfolios that managed Scattered Sites and later led me to be the Chief of 12 walk-up residential buildings on an affordable/tax credit site, Chief at a 16-story conventional market rent high rise and currently the Chief at one of the Gold Coast Condominium High Rise. I’ve had the great opportunity to work on all residential fields and still eager to learn more. With this said, I encourage you to take advantage of all resources Local 1 training facilities have to offer you as I did and continue doing. Make the best out of you and if it helps, we are here for any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. Remember, you are the only responsible person to be where you want to be.


Jose Laboy



I have been in this residential Building Maintenance/Management for 30 years. Mainly in the private sector 6 of those being with unions. I still remember like it was yesterday. When I first visited a couple of my Residential Chiefs Neighbors specifically those of different management companies. I introduced my self with my assistant as persons they can count on. If there was ever an emergency. That may require extra help or assistance. The local 1 staff looked at us as if we were an enemy or strangers. Like if the management bond was stronger than our Union. I wondered maybe it was just my little corner. Asked around and other chiefs had the same issue. I then knew that there was something structurally wrong with our Residential Engineers Division. Years later I heard of a group that was planning on making an organization. That Wanted to begin to unite our Chiefs and Assistant the leaders of the buildings and other SEIU staff. WOW, I said a platform where we can Unite,Educate in an equal basis all of our Residential Engineers in our union. And most importantly to help transmit the needs of our SEIU Residential brothers and sisters. So that our union can have another contract bargaining tool. How better to do this than by uniting all the leaders in the building’s with this great organization. I am Proud to serve with my other board members Brothers, And I want to thank them from the bottom of my Heart for dealing with there own Buildings,Personal lives,School and yet they still show a great passion for this organization. So members please contact us we need members for committees, Ideas for events or projects.Most Importantly we need to recruit new members and we need to maintain a solid front. Our futures rely on our union being united and speaking with one message. What better way than with our own



Chief Engineer/ Secretary of CEA

Jose Luis Laboy

1100 N. Lakeshore Dr.

Chicago Illinois 60611


Kendall Mclean

Member at large


Hello my fellow Chief’s and brothers of Local 1. I have been part of S.E.I.U. Local 1 for over 30 years. I was honored when I was asked by our President to join the Chief Engineers Association that been longer over due. I have seen and have been apart of the struggles that union and members have endured over the years. We have prevailed through out the suffering and struggles. S.E.I.U Local 1 has introduced a new chapter so the member can extend all their efforts and hard training by completing the two years apprentice program. And I would like to share with you I’m a proud member of the first graduating class of the Residential Certified Engineers 2017. So brother and Sister keep the fight by learning and share your resource with your fellow union brother and sister members..

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