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About us

Our Mission

There should be a time that all Chief Engineers and staff members should be informed about important trends and general information that can affect our daily work environment.  We as an organization should strive to train our leaders to be efficient and effective so we can have a stronger interpersonal connection to give a sense of community within the union. Moving foward when we continue to grow together with the help of our great Union SEIU Local 1, our voices will be unified. This will allow us to have better contracts and work conditions. Our Education and leadership building is what's going to separate us from the competition. With our classes, job placement information, and with the help of our Union; we will fill all our positions from within by guiding our assistants into there own buildings. Our goal is to Help build and organization that can Unite the Local residential onsite engineers.



President's Message

Hello, my name is Zack Conor. I have been a Chief Engineer for over 25 years and an instructor at the SEIU Local 1 Training Center for 7 years. Both of these positions have allowed me to meet many wonderful people and do a lot of good. That is why I am so privileged to be the President of an organization that I believe can do so much good for its fellow and others! I have many hopes for the Local 1 Chief Engineers Association and I believe with a well-connected network of all Local 1 Chief Engineers and Assistant Engineers we will progress professionally.

CEA Board President
Zack Comor

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